As a stylist, I have worked with various hair and I have had both good and bad experiences with both. When I was introduced to Remy Capillus I was well informed about the hair they sell such as, where it is from, how it is treated, how its weft and guidelines on how to care for the hair. I gave the hair a try and I have been ordering since. I highly recommend this hair to my clients and they love it. I order RC Pure for all my clients and after installation it seems to look better after every wash. Customer service is superb, Remy Capillus takes time and they truly cater to your needs. You will not regret your order!
Nicole, NY
My RC PURE™ extensions are perfect and beyond my expectations. My friends can not resist running their fingers through the flowing waves of my Remy Capillus extensions. Despite my distaste for people touching my hair, I can I say no? It definitely reaffirms my decision to go with Remy Capillus. My beautiful mane arrived neatly packaged in a scarlet velvet sleeve embroidered with the company name and logo. There has been very little if any shedding, and the weft was super thin. The install went well and has resulted in nothing less than amazing, natural-looking and gorgeous extensions. I cannot thank Remy Capillus enough for the high quality product and customer service. Highly recommend them!!
Haleema, NJ
Started going to Nikki spice about 4 years ago for hair extensions. I have tried many different types of hair extensions to get a more natural look. Every type I tried tangled after 20mins. When my stylist Nikki recommend RC-Pure extensions, it was a blessing in disguise, it offers the most professional and natural look. Washing my hair was amazing no tangled! I'm constantly getting compliments on my hair. Thanks nikki.
Lavern, NY
When I first installed the pure line by sew - in, straight hair 16”...I was disappointed. During the installation, my hair was tangled. The next day after I wrapped my hair through the night, it felt like totally different hair. My hair was shiny, silky and not tangled. It was brought to my attention that the hair should have been washed before installation. This would have prevented the hair from being tangled, since it had been in the same package it was delivered in for two weeks. I LOVE this PURE line! Over the past 3 months I have washed, blow dried, and air dried this hair. With each wash, it came back better than before. I have worn this hair straight, by flat ironing, curly by flex rodding, wavy by wetting and letting it air dry. This is the best hair I have ever used, and I plan on continuously using Remy Capillus!!
Alexis, Newport, DE
I got 3 packs of 16" hair... I have really thick hair so I needed that much....I didn't realize however how thick the finished product was gonna be... I'm however very happy with it.. I love the realness... I love the flow.. I even love the little velvet bags... I recommend everyone should get this hair...
The RC ProLine™ hair is great. Thank you soooo much. No complaints.
Shellie, Roselle, NJ
Hair is fabulous.  Does not tangle when wet or dry.  I'm including a couple of pics for the website.  Thanks for everything!!  P.S. - will spread the word to stylists in area.
Kamille, Kennett Square, PA
OMG!!  I can't express how amazing this hair is and the packaging is so luxury!!!  Thank you Remy Capillusy Capillus
Jenna, Yardley, PA
Customer Love the hair.  Thanks for the great service.
Carla, NYC
I love Remy Capillus. The hair is long lasting and durable. I like to wear my extensions either curly or wavy. I use a CHI flat iron to curl and wave the extensions daily and the high heat does not harm or cause the extensions to matt up or break off. I wash them with regular shampoo and conditioner and blow dry them at least every week. I brush them with a regular hair brush and they do not snag or shed. The color is gorgeous. It doesn't fade when you wash it like extensions from other companies have done in the past. I will only wear Remy Capillus from now on. I just received my second pack of extensions yesterday since I'm changing my hair color and I cannot wait to wear them.!
Sara, New Orleans, LA
My RC ProLine™ Relaxed Straight extensions are perfect and beyond my expectations. My stylist from Lolita Locks recommended this company to me and I was blown away by teh quality, I mean I trust my stylist but this really went beyond my expectations....customer service was amazing and again exceded my expectations especially based on my experiences with other extension companies.
Glynis, Milwaukee, WI
I fall in love with my RC extensions more and more every day. As a stylist its nice to finally find a company that gets it right and that I can feel comfortable recommending to clients and fellow stylists alike. Personally, I only wear the RC PURE™ Natural Wavy extensions and have now colored them 4 different times into four different colors (inlcuding a weird blue!!!). The abuse that these extensions will withstand and yet still continue to feel soft and natrual really is a testimate to their quality------guess I know why they can afford to slap a warranty on them. Look forward to many years of doing business with Remy Capillus.....customer service is also great and very helpful and flexible.
AJ, Austin, TX
I have using Remy Capillus for my clients for the last two years and two different salons and could not be happier. Consistent in both quality and customer service.....don't have to worry about losing my clients do to a "bad experience". Look forward to many more years of doing business.
Rhonda, Hamilton, NJ
Bought hair from all over including NYC and everywhere else looking for a good and consistent product from a company that was consistent in both quality and the way they treated me, much more supportive then any other company I have ever worked with. My clients have been very happy with the Premium Collection and plans are underway to expand. Definintely recommend!
Satarra, Philadelphia, PA
I had an issue with my extensions and they were very quick to listen to my concerns and ultimately replace my hair with new hair. I know there is a warranty but did not expect them to actually stand behind it.....replacement packs are still going strong 8 months later. Great customer service.....thx.
Patricia, PA
Found them (Remy Capillus) about a year ago and recommend them to my customers looking for the best. No complaints and have been very happy with my customers reactions which is the most important thing to me. Nice to find a company that delivers on what they promise....rare find in our industry.
Yvette, Chicago
Remy Capillus hair is the best hair I ever purchased. It's soft and does not shed. You can die and wash it without any changes to the hair texture and reuse it over and over again. The price is also reasonable for this type of quality hair. I will always purchase hair from this company.
Nosha, Philadelphia
Hair is great, I have no complaints. It is a lot fuller, and definitely looks/feels more natural. I was told it doesn't even look like I have extensions in. I ordered an 18 and 20 inch and it was enough for a real full look. The old hair that I had, I ordered 3 packs and it didn't look full- I couldn't even put it in a ponytail, and with this hair, my hair tie actually popped the first time so I'm extremely happy about that. I was recommended by my hair dresser and I know she would never Lear me in the wrong direction. I can also go longer without washing my hair. The customer service also does a great job of taking care of you. If you're going for the "long" look I would recommend going longer than a 20 inch. I am 5'3 and the 20 inch was just enough for the "long" look.
Leslie, Springfield, Missouri

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