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Salon Collection

Salon Collection 

The Remy Capillus Salon Collection is a line of vibrant hair extensions designed for the client who is looking for an irresistibly soft and natural look that provides them flexibility and consistency.
Upscale features at a friendly price. Our mid-range collection features premium human hair that sets a new standard for quality and consistency. It comes in a wide variety of textures, and can be restyled and colored.  Unlike our competitors who offer either extremely over priced virgin hair, or discounted bundles that simply make too many compromises on quality with not enough on price, All RC Salon extensions are made from 100% Virgin Remy Human hair while offering a full and NATURAL look.  Unmatched in the market today, RC Salon extensions provide you with an irresistible feel that can be found only with Remy Capillus.  

Salon Collection Difference

What if we could take lower quality virgin human hair and bring it back to life so to speak?  What if you were looking for the same flexibility, versatility and softness of our Luxury Collection but without the need to last forever?  What if you wanted a true virgin hair experience with a more friendly price point making replacing the hair more often less of a waste.  If you answered yes to any of these questions then the Salon Collection is the perfect fit for you.  Some product highlights are
  • Softness from start to finish regardless of texture.  You natural hair doesn't turn rough and dry after washing so neither should your extensions.  Regardless of what texture you choose, RC Salon extensions will always give you that natural softness and feel you crave.

  • Flexibility of Change.  Just because you were in the mood for wavy when you bought them, doesn't mean you don't want straight two weeks later.  All RC Salon extensions provide you with the flexibility to restyle them into any texture you can think of while providing the peace of mind that if you don't like the change, simply wash, condition and dry and watch the original texture return.

  • Shed Free Experience.  No one wants to deal with the dreaded clumps of hair coming from your extensions as you wash, comb or play with them.  We believe regardless of price, everyone is entitled to a shed free experience.  This is why the same micro-weft technology found in our Luxury Collection, is found in all of our extensions.

So Many Choices

Our Salon Collection takes variety and choice to a whole new level.  Choose from over 60 texture / length combinations in our Salon Wefted line.  Long, short, straight curly:  the possibilities are endless.

    • Available Textures:  Natural Straight, BodyWave, HeavenlyWaves™, HeavenlyCurls™, Organic Curls
    • Available Lengths:   10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28", 30" 

Order Information

For more information on how to purchase any of our Salon Collection extensions, please contact us at sales@remycapillus.com or 855-676-HAIR(4247) or head over to our SHOP page to see what is available.


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