Indian Remy Hair

remy indian hairHair is one of the major methods we use to express ourselves, and can say a lot about a woman’s style and personality. There are many benefits to wearing Remy Indian hair extensions such as instant length, a change in hair color and the display of new texture. Cheap extensions made out of synthetic hair are a fast way to produce a new appearance when it comes to beauty, but they don’t last long and they tangle up easily. That’s why making an investment in quality virgin Indian Remy hair is much more favorable – because it produces the most natural beauty, and it is guaranteed to maintain its appearance for up to 12 months, if you choose a product from our Luxury collection.

Styling Benefits

Choosing to wear Indian Remy hair will provide you with locks that look natural and feel real – and that’s because they are! All of our hair products are made from real human hair. Whether you prefer to wear wefted, clip-in or tape-in extensions, your hair will be flowing, beautiful, shiny and soft with genuine Remy Indian hair. We base our work around perfection and quality. We strive to meet the highest standards, which provides us with the success to produce hair that meets your expectations for luxury and top-notch performance.

Our Indian Hair extensions are incomparable in appearance. Feel beautiful by establishing your stylistic presence with our high-quality extensions.

With our hair, you are provided with:

  • Real hair extensions that allow you to achieve desired length and fullness
  • Smooth and natural healthy shine
  • Hair that is irresistibly soft to the touch
  • Conventional colors throughout our tape-in hair selection
  • Ability to wear a range of different textures such as straight, curly and wavy hair extensions
  • Ability to style your extensions the way you like to achieve different looks


What is Different About Our Indian Remy Hair?

Our hair products are considered to be the finest class of extensions on the market. All of our extensions are generated through a process wherein the cuticles are kept intact rather than stripped or damaged. The fact that our hair is carefully preserved and aligned in the same direction achieves the most natural appearance. Unlike other hair product companies, we choose not to manufacture our hair using high-heat or chemicals because we aim to ensure that the cuticle remains healthy. Each extension is thoroughly inspected by numerous hands to guarantee precision within the craftsmanship.

At Remy Capillus, we believe that quality comes from everything we do, even the packaging of our extensions. We also package our Indian Remy Hair very delicately compared to other hair extension companies. No matter the texture (straight, wavy and curly hair extensions) the extensions are wrapped in a protective velvet bag, and then put into a display box right before they get shipped out to customers. This packaging process allows our hair to breathe up until it gets shipped out. When you purchase Remy Capillus extensions, you’ll notice the difference – it’s all in the hair.

In addition, Remy Capillus offers wholesale hair extensions as well as private label hair extensions for beauty companies. Contact us about our Private Label Program!