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RC Pure (Luxury)

RC PURE™ by Remy Capillus

The RC PURE™ line of Virgin Remy Indian Human hair extensions sets the standard.  Simply put, no line of the extensions on the market can outperform them both in their natural look and irresistible feel as well as their ability to withstand amazing amounts of punishment to offer unparalleled longevity and flexibility.  We source our Virgin Remy Indian Human hair from various Indian Temples such throughout India.


For more information, click on the boxes below and enjoy exploring all that the RC PURE™ line has to offer:

Pure 100% Virgin Remy Indian Human Hair -   The difference truly is in the hair and one touch is all it will take to understand this. Our hair is NATURALLY vibrant and soft to both the look and touch. The hair is a natural straight texture that exhibits a slight natural body wave provides that full and luxurious look that so many other companies try to achieve through the use of styling chemicals. Micro-Weft™ Technology - Unlike other wefted hair extension offerings in the market place today, our Micro-Weave™ technology provides the thinnest (1/16 of an inch) and strongest weft available on the market providing shed free extensions that lie flat on the scalp for a better fit. True One-Directional Cuticles & 100% Undamaged, Virgin Cuticles - Not only are the cuticles of the hair used in the RC PURE™ extensions 100% mono-directional, they have not been exposed to any chemicals. The result is a completely natural look that can withstand the same natural effects (such as rain) that your own hair is exposed to every day; just one example of the perfect symphony between your natural hair and that of our RC PURE™ extensions. True Flexibility - RC PURE™ extensions can be repeatedly washed, colored or styled as you would your own hair. From week to week your styles may change, and your extensions should be able to change with you. Whether it is as simple as a change in the look of your bangs, to a complete change in the color of your hair, the RC PURE™ extensions can adapt with the same ease as your own natural hair. This unparalleled level of flexibility creates a look and feel so natural that noticing the difference between RC PURE&trade extensions and your own hair almost becomes a wonderful impossibility. Softness That Never Ends - All RC PURE™ extensions provide that irresistible feel that comes from running your fingers through a vibrant and soft head of hair. We achieve this through exhaustive selection of our hair and the refusal to use any chemicals on our hair. If the hair contains any defects and is not perfect in its natural state, it is deemed unfit for the RC PURE™ line of products. Ethically Sourced & Manufactured - Like all of our extensions, our RC PURE™ extensions are made from 100% ethically sourced Indian Remy hair from Indian Temples throughout India & are ethically manufactured without the use of child or elderly labor, excessive overtime or disregard for the environment that surrounds our facilities.

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