Salon Partnership Program by Remy Capillus

Our Salon Partnership Program, available to both salons and the professionals they employee, provides access to both our Luxury and Premium Collections. In addition to offering product and pricing flexibility, the Program offers a dedicated sales representative and delivery schedule that fits the needs of each of our customers.

Stemming from Remy Capillus’ commitment to place the power of distribution back into the hands of salons and their professionals we have launched the Salon Partnership Program to provide salons with product and fiscal flexibility along with industry standard setting customer service.

This program will forever change how salons do business, providing them access to a revenue stream they have been prevented from accessing.

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Unlike the other suppliers of hair extensions, we are a U.S. based manufacturer that controls its quality from the source to the customer. We accept and encourages the use of credit cards, no matter how small the order. The days of working with simple re-sellers based here in the U.S. or wiring money over-seas to trading companies that you cannot see face to face are over. Our location means abiding by U.S. laws, which protect you, the consumer. It means the ability to visit us at our offices and see who we are. All of this means one simple thing: peace of mind.

No Requirement to Keep Stock, Next Day Delivery

We understand that most stylists and salons are in the business of styling hair, not selling and maintaining stock of expensive hair extensions. This is why our Salon Partnerhip Program has no minimum purchase requirements and offers free shipping, with many locations receiving next day delivery.


For additional information on our Custom Salon Program, including pricing and the compatibility of our hair with your preferred line of styling products, we invite you to CONTACT US or by calling 855-676-HAIR(4247). We are here to assist you and ensure that you are 100% comfortable before, during, and after your purchase of RC Extensions.