Our Hair

All of the hair we use in our extensions, whether Indian or from other parts of the world, starts as 100% Vrigin Remy hair that exhibits strong elasticity and durability along with unparalleled softeness and shine. This strength gives the stylist the best possible styling and installation options for extensions. What separates our hair from the rest is the fact that most of the hair available for purchase (whether from Indian Temples or other sources) is simply not good enough for us and once you touch our hair you will immediately understand the difference between Remy Capillus hair, and everything else.

Isn’t All Hair The Same?

Simply put, not all hair is the same. Different companies advertise different types of hair, the most popular being: European, Brushed Indian, Russian and Indian Temple Hair (Click Here for more information).

Remy Capillus uses only the best 100% Virgin Remy human hair from both Indian Temples and other sources throughout the world.  Our raw hair is:

  • Natural hair extremely durable and yet soft to the touch

  • Free of harsh beauty and chemical treatments found common in the West.

  • Collected in an ethical fashion including through a religious, voluntary method known as “Tonsure”

  • Mono-directional in cuticle structure, which makes it tangle-free and behaves like natural hair not like cheap hair clip in extensions.

The Virgin Remy hair found in our RC PURE™ natural hair extensions elevates the quality to an entirely new level. For hair to be considered true 100% Virgin Remy hair it must be cut as a pony tail, unprocessed and contain NO multidirectional cuticles. The cost and difficulty of gaining access to the few Temples that supply this hair, true pure Virgin Remy hair is rare, but very special.

How We Source Our Indian Hair

Unlike other hair extension companies, Remy Capillus has its own acquisition team located in India that allows RC to source its own hair from Temples such as the famous Tirumala Venkateswara Temple. RC does not acquire its hair from the many Indian hair dealers that acquire hair through both ethical and unethical means and whom provide lower quality hair they claim to be Remy hair.

Known for being one of the largest source of 100% Remy Indian hair, the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is also known for its highly ethical practices. The Tirumala Venkateswara Temple collects hair from women, many on a pilgrimage, who voluntarily offer their hair through tonsure as a sacrifice to the Hindu gods. The Temple uses the proceeds of the hair auctions to provide programs and services to the local communities. It is this symbiotic relationship that makes it a source as rare as the hair that it collects.  Despite its size and ethical practices, not all of our hair originates from this Temple.  There certain textures and qualities that cannot be found at Tirumala and must be sourced from smaller Temples located throughout South India.

Hair Clip in Extensions

video Proline Organic Curls Hair Clip in Extensions