From Hair to Remy Capillus

We are committed to ethical sourcing of our hair, avoiding the use of unscrupulous hair dealers and ensuring the manufacturing process is as gentle as possible to ensure our extensions meet the higher, more sophisticated expectations of our customers.  Unlike many companies that have no active involvement with the sourcing of their hair and rather leave it to third parties, we employ our own procurement team, giving us more control over the quality and sourcing of our hair.  Our reputation for properly sourcing the best India Remy Human hair on the market coupled with our professional U.S. based business operations, leads us to be frequently asked by other manufacturers to act as the supplier for their bulk hair needs.

We also split the entire process up over multiple facilities, to ensure different eyes and hands touch our hair, ensuring even the most minute of imperfections are recognized and addressed PRIOR to winding up in our customers hands.

Step 1


The hair begins its journey into our extensions at one of more than a dozen Indian Temples, most notably the famous Tirumala Venkateswara Temple (known for its ethical use of funds raised in its hair auction for the betterment of the surrounding community). The hair is hand selected by our own procurement team and then transported to our sorting and washing facilities.


Step 2

Sorting, Washing & Sanitizing

After arriving at our sorting and washing facilities as much as 25% or more of the hair is still, upon closer inspection, deemed "unfit" for RC Extensions and re-sold into the market for those with lower standards. The hair kept for RC products is then inspected for any knits, inverted cuticles, henna and other foreign substances that could impact the integrity of our extensions and their versatility. The hair is then gently washed, sanitized and conditioned and then sorted into bulk hair for sale or to ready it for manufacturing into RC products.


Step 3


Upon arriving at our manufacturing facilities the hair is then simply wefted if it is destined for our RC PURE™ line or gently colored and textured into one of more than 50 combinations if it is destined for our RC ProLine™ or HeavenlyLengths™ products.

For our ProLine and HeavenlyLengths the coloring and texture adding process takes more than 2-weeks to complete and avoids the use of high-heat or harsh concentration of chemicals, ensuring a healthy cuticle remains after the process.


Step 4

Final Inspections

Following the manufacturing process, all of our extensions are once again inspected by hand at a separate facility to ensure no impurities exist in the hair, nor defects in the craftmanship. After passing this second inspection the hair is wrapped in a protective tissue paper, placed in our velvet products bags and then placed into our display box the same day the extensions are shipped to our customers. This process ensures that the extensions are left to breath up until the day they are shipped to the customer.

This is a very detailed and time-consuming process because every little detail makes a difference between average hair extensions and RC's Extensions. It is this rigorous inspection process that ensures the quality of the product you see does not change, month after month, year after year.