While most companies focus on making promises that will lead to sales, we focus on the best and most ethical sourcing and manufacturing that we can base our promises off of. The bottom line is not the only line, and everyone at Remy Capillus feels a greater responsibility to earth and people around us to ensure that we are not benefiting off the misfortune of others or the destruction of the earth we live on.

This ehtical sourcing and manufacturing. While some companies seek locations for their facilities based on local labor rates, we choose our locations based on one thing: quality of workmanship in the workforce. Regardless of where we are, or what we are doing, we ensure that ALL of our employees, whether direct or indirect, are treated in an ethical manner that avoids the use of child or elderly labor as well as excessive overtime. If the U.S. government won’t allow it, we won’t either. In fact, our U.S. employees tend to work longer hours than any at our foreign facilities.