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Wavy Hair

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Remy Wavy Hair and Curly Hair Extensions

wavy hair extensionsNot all wavy and curly hair extensions are created equal. True virgin Indian Remy human hair extensions that are found in a wavy texture can vary greatly from pack to pack, as there is not one consistent wavy texture found in Indian hair. Below you will see the typical texture to our RC PURE™ Virgin Wavy hair extensions. The good thing about sourcing directly from temple donations is that despite the popularity of the wavy hair texture, we do not charge any more than for our straight hair, unlike our competitors.

The reason our competitors charge different amounts is that they source their extensions from hair dealers, who in turn charge more for wavy hair than straight because it’s less common. However, the Indian temples do not charge more for wavy virgin Remy hair; all textures are the same price. Since we source directly from Indian temples, our Remy wavy hair extensions will always cost you the same as our straight extensions. In fact, the only texture that will cost you more is our Organic Curls curly hair extensions, because the pattern lends itself to needing longer hair to create a finished product of similar length to other textured extensions.

Since some customers prefer a natural look and others prefer a specific type of texture, we offer both natural wavy hair extensions in our RC PURE™ line of extensions and HeavenlyWaves™ wave in our ProLine™ extensions. Our extensions give customers the chance to switch up their appearance and style instantly with hair that looks and feels real. With our wavy and curly extensions, women do not have to wait for their real hair to grow out to achieve the textured appearance they desire. In addition, customers do not have to wave their straight extensions to get textured hair because our affordable pricing makes it easy to purchase more than one extension already containing the texture they want.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Remy Capillus’s Wavy Virgin Remy Hair

Does the RC PURE™ Virgin Remy Wavy hair appear natural?

Yes! Since it is in its natural virgin state, no matter what situation you may find yourself in, your wavy Remy hair will remain intact. Whether you’re walking outside on a windy day, swimming or spending a few hours at the spa, people will still stop and compliment you on your natural-looking hair.

How long will RC PURE™ Virgin Remy Wavy hair last?

Our RC PURE™ Virgin Remy Wavy hair is warrantied to last 12 months. However, this has more to do with when the weft will begin to wear out. The hair itself can last 2+ years assuming you properly care for it.

What does the term “Remy” mean, when speaking about Virgin Remy wavy hair?

Remy means that the hair was collected from the ponytail of a single donor. The advantage to this collection method is that all of the hair cuticles are intact and aligned in the same direction, which prevents tangling and matting. Remy simply means that you can kiss all of your bad hair days goodbye!

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