3 Benefits of Using Real Remy Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a wonderful invention that not only add length but can also add tons of volume to the hair and change your style instantly. If you’ve been struggling to grow out your locks and are desperate for a new look, hair extensions are the perfect solution.

You may not know this now, but choosing the right set of extensions is paramount when it comes to achieving a natural and blended look. While synthetic hair extensions are an attractive option because they are the most affordable, your style options are very limited (synthetic hair cannot withstand the heat from style tools), and these extensions do not last half as long as real Remy human hair extensions.

Remy Capillus offers the finest Remy hair extensions on the market today. Our personal acquisition team ethically sources our 100% Virgin Remy hair extensions from Indian Temples that are free of harsh beauty chemicals and incredibly natural and soft to the touch.

Still not convinced Remy Capillus human hair extensions are the best option? Read these additional benefits of Remy hair that you won’t find with overly processed synthetic extensions.

Many Options

Because Remy hair can be sourced from all over the world, there are many varieties to choose from to match your particular hair type and texture. Synthetic extensions, on the other hand, can be difficult to match to real hair, leaving you with unnatural and chunky pieces.

Perfectly Aligned

Remy hair does not contain multi-directional cuticles, which gives the extensions a smooth, sleek, and tangle free appearance. The intact cuticles keep the extensions from matting and can be treated just the same as real human hair.

Easy to Style & Maintain

As we previously mentioned, synthetic extensions break and burn when you apply heat to them making it difficult to style hair. Who wants hair they can only throw into a ponytail? With real Remy human hair, you can straighten, curl, perm, and treat it like you would real hair because it is real hair!

We hope we convinced you that real Remy human hair extensions available at Remy Capillus are 100% worth every penny. Choose Remy Capillus, and you will feel the difference. Interested in getting started with virgin Remy hair extensions? Give us a call, and we will be happy to start you on your journey to a new you: 855-676-4247.