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Real Human Hair Extensions

remy human hair extensions

Luxury Collection

Elegant & Luxurious 100%
Virgin Remy Indian Human hair.

The exclusive Remy Capillus Luxury Collection RC PURE,
RC ProLine™, HeavenlyLengths™ is an industry standard
setting line of professional grade 100% Virgin Remy
Indian Human Hair extensions that offers simply the best
hair available on the market today. No line of hair
extensions on the market can outperform them both in their
natural look, irresistible feel, unparalleled longevity and
astonishing flexibility. A line of extensions that embodies
elegance, luxury and performance while setting a standard
the best designers and stylists from Hollywood to Broadway,
South Beach to Place Vendôme expect but rarely find.
If you are looking to buy long hair extensions of any kind,
our collection will satisfy your personal bravura. Learn More...

remy hair

RC Premium Collection

Affordable Luxury
Virgin Remy S.E. Asia Human hair

The Remy Capillus Premium Collection Premium Wefted
and HeavenlyClip™ Clip-ins is a line of vibrant Virgin Remy
hair extensions designed for the client who
is looking for an irresistibly soft and natural look that
provides them flexibility and consistency at an affordable
price. What makes our Premium Collection so special is our
unrelenting commitment to quality, consistency and
affordability ensuring that the elegant look and natural
feel of the hair remains consistent from bundle to
bundle while ensuring that the extensions remain as
flexible and accepting of change as you are. Achieve your
personal style instantly with top-notch hair extensions. The
hair is available in various textures – curly, straight or wavy. Learn More...

long hair extensions


Industry First.
Industry Only.

We are so confident in our products that we are the only
company in the world to offer a warranty on all of our hair
extensions. For our Luxury Collection, which includes our
RC PURE, ProLine™ and HeavenlyLengths™, we offer a 12-month
warranty, an industry first and only. When you buy real hair extensions
from us, you can register them with our warranty program, which offers
a guarantee that they will be replaced if they become damaged. To find
out about the policy, rules and registration process check out our
warranty page here. Learn More...

real hair extensions


Not just a word,
a way of doing business.

While most companies focus on making promises that
will lead to sales, we focus on the best and most
ethical sourcing and manufacturing that we can base
our promises off of. The bottom line is not the only
line, and everyone at Remy Capillus feels a greater
responsibility to earth and people around us to ensure
that we are not benefiting off the misfortune of others
or the destruction of the earth we live on. We believe
that all employees should be treated equally, even in
our foreign facilities. At our factories, we don’t
allow unethical labor or mistreatment to our staff.
Learn More...

virgin remy hair

& Sourcing.

We control it,
not someone else.

We are committed to ensuring our manufacturing processes
are as gentle as possible to ensure our extensions meet the
higher, more sophisticated expectations of our customers.
Unlike many companies that have no active involvement with
the sourcing of their hair and rather leave it to third parties,
we employ our own procurement team, giving us more
control over the quality and sourcing of our hair. We know
that you aim to buy long hair extensions from the best, which
is why we maintain our reputation for being the go-to source
for high-quality hair products. Learn More...

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