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Real 100% Virgin Remy
Indian Human hair.

The RC PURE™ line of Virgin Remy Indian Human hair
extensions sets the standard for Virgin Remy Human
hair extensions. Simply put, no line of the real hair
extensions on the market can outperform them both
in their natural look and irresistible feel as well as
they ability to withstand amazing amounts of
punishment to offer unparalleled longevity and
flexibility. We source our Virgin Remy Human hair
from various Indian Temples such throughout India. Learn More...

RC ProLine

Real 100% Remy
Indian Human hair

The RC ProLine™ of Remy Indian Human hair
extensions takes the standard set by the RC PURE™
line and expands on its flexibility by offering the
client texture and color choices not found naturally
in Indian hair. Like the RC PURE™ the RC ProLine™
extensions are offered in Natural colors, but unlike
the RC PURE™ line the RC ProLine™ extensions are
offered in textures like Organic Curls, Heavenly-
Waves™ and Relaxed Straight that have been
achieved WITHOUT harming the cuticles. Learn More...


Industry First.
Industry Only.

We are so confident in our products that we are the only
company in the world to offer a warranty on all of our hair
extensions. For our RC PURE™ extensions, we offer a
12-month warranty and for ProLine™ and HeavenlyLengths™
real hair extensions we offer a 6-month warranty. Learn More...


Not just a word,
a way of doing business.

While most companies focus on making promises that
will lead to sales, we focus on the best and most
ethical sourcing and manufacturing that we can base
our promises off of. The bottom line is not the only
line, and everyone at Remy Capillus feels a greater
responsibility to earth and people around us to ensure
that we are not benefiting off the misfortune of others
or the destruction of the earth we live on. Learn More...

& Sourcing.

We control it,
not someone else.

We are committed to ensuring our manufacturing processes
are as gentle as possible to ensure our extensions meet the
higher, more sophisticated expectations of our customers.
Unlike many companies that have no active involvement with
the sourcing of their hair and rather leave it to third parties,
we employ our own procurement team, giving us more
control over the quality and sourcing of our hair. Learn More...

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